Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Grandma is spoiling him again

I know he is the the closest grandchild, but starting him on the beaters this early?

Bubble boy!

Our afternoon with the bubble machine. I think he was much more interested in the on and off button and than the actual bubbles. Oh those techno geek genes.

Faces of Caden

Sometimes, you just can't capture all of the goofy expressions your kids makes. I tried, but this just doesn't do it justice.

Easter 2010

Our Easter day was filled with lots of little ones looking for eggs. And some of them were not so little. :)

Bluebonnet time!

We found some bluebonnets and Crimson clovers to play in this year. Even had some fog to make for a cool effect. Caden had fun for awhile, but then turned his pouty face on. April 2010

Our family portraits!

Some of our favorites from the Pinkletoes shoot.

Sunny afternoon

Gosh, I have been bad about posting. Here was a sunny afternoon back in February.